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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Alternative: Игра в слепую / 블라인드 플레이
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Ah-in’s life has always been a challenge. He didn’t have parents and spent his childhood in an orphanage with poor living conditions. His mental state was undermined by mockery and loneliness. However, now when he is an adult, he seriously plans to change his life. Ah-in has talented hands and hires as a gay masseur. He imitates being blind, so his clients can be calm. Ah-in won’t tell their secret to anyone as he “doesn’t see” their names and appearance. Obviously, all the clients are rich and public persons who care much about their reputation.

Seo Ilmo is next to order a masseur’s services. When Ah-in comes to his flat, a merry-go-round of adventures begins! An important note: If you aren’t ready for sexual scenes or abuse, think twice before reading 🙂 I hope you’ll support delicee and nanami’s connection. See you on lezhin!

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