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Takeru Ohyama has registered at Tenbi Academy, a high-school that transformed from all-women to co-ed. Hoping to have a lifestyle total of ogling pretty women, he reunites with youth pal Haruko Amaya, who shows him around college. Nevertheless, he learns who wield designed weapons identified as Makens and the institution is for pupils who possess religious and magic energies called Elements. School approved fight is engaged in by the pupils matches that showcase their powers. While his own power and Maken isn’t clear initially, Takeru soon finds himself surrounded by women, including Inaho Kushiya, Kodama Himegami, a favorite blond who says she desires to destroy him, and an attractive young woman who claims she is his fiancee. He joins the Security Committee, also called Makenki, which supports the functions of the pupil council. Characters Takeru Oyama is the protagonist of Maken-ki! At the start of the show, he could be a first year high-school pupil who registers at Tenbi Academy after having attended an all-boys school that is middle. His childhood buddy, Haruko Amaya, who educated with him at the dojo of his family attends the college as does Inaho Kushiya, who claims that she’s his fiancee. He eventually ends up up sharing his room with all the two young women, along with Kodama Himegami.[ch. 1] Several years prior to the current, when Takeru was ten years of age, his family dojo was challenged by Tesshin Kushiya. Tesshin, killed Atsuma, his mom before his eyes. Takeru has resented his dad and uncle for not being around to shield them.[ch. 7] As a result, he tends to choose the woman side whenever a woman fights some guy. His skills initially show under extreme pressure as in the situation where he shielded Azuki.[ch. 3] When he defended Kodama, he utilized Blood Pointer,[ch. 5] which was later explained as consuming Element from the folks around him through his mouth.[ch. 23] Following the conflict with the Venus device, he got additional training with Minori in order to attempt to command and to raise his powers.[ch. 28-29] Takeru afterwards discovered that he’s bloodrelated to Kodama’s brother.[ch. 5 3] Takeru was among the three pupils that Gen’s Element Detector, Keronbo, couldn’t initially recognize, however a month after, he was was presented with his Maken, Overblow, that causes causes his goal’s Maken to over-flow with Element and be left worthless “like a car engine that blows out”. But in the event the adversary comes with an advanced Maken and can totally control or check the spike, it may possess the contrary effect and empower the opposition.[ch. 19]

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