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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Alternative: Daily Life with a Monster Girl; Everyday Life with Monster Girls; MonMusu; Monster Girl no Iru Nichijou; Monster Musume; Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls; 몬스터 아가씨가 있는 일상; Die Monster Mädchen
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Humanoid entities were discovered three years ago, and governments from all around the world tried in vain to keep this information from the public. The “Cultural Exchange Between Species” program was allowed in order to facilitate the effective integration of these particular species into human civilization. Since that time, the cultural exchange program has been a great success, assisting many species.

Mia is a hybrid of human and snake that belongs to the Lamia species. She came to Japan and was temporarily housed with a man named Kurusu Kimihito as part of the “Cultural Exchange Between Species” program. After spending some time with him, she starts to realize that she fell in love with him, and she does not hide it. However, the issue is that love between different species is illegal in Japan.

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