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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Alternative: ナナとカオル ; 奈奈与薫的SM日记 ; Nana and Kaoru ; Nana and Kaoru's SM diary ; Nana y Kaouru (Español) ; Attache-moi (Français) ; نانا و كورو (Arabic)
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Kaoru Sugimura is a 17-year old virgin that has a . fetish S&M He’s always dreamt about a SM relationship with his childhood friend and next door neighbor Nana Chigusa, who’s looked upon as perfect and is constantly the goal of lads’ eyes. Their relationship has somewhat deteriorated because Kaoru isn’t taking his education too seriously and over time, due to them going out out with different people. Nana is now quite stressed at college, a teacher suggests she find ways to relax. One day though, the mom of Kaoru gives some of his S&M toys to Nana for safekeeping. Nana locates the leather one piece that Kaoru attempts it on and purchased but does not have have the important and accidentally locks herself! After Kaoru frees her of the one piece, Nana shortly finds the action has caused her to curl up and enhance her educational performance. The both of them begin participating in more S&M tasks which they contact “breathers.” The narrative follows their actions as they investigate the universe of keeping while S&M it a secret from some of their school-mates and family. Nana is a lovely and very popular high school student who excels in a wide range of tasks including professors, being vice president on the pupil council, as well as on the monitor group. A teacher suggests she find ways to simply take a breather to alleviate anxiety, with so much riding on on her behalf. She finds that playing the sensual S&M perform as a masochist to her nextdoor neighbor Kaoru has totally enhanced her academic scenario that is. In the live action movies, Maho Nagase in the initial movie and by Miku Aono in the 2nd one plaies Nana

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