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  • Alternative: ノゾキ アナ; ノ・ゾ・キ・ア・ナ (Japanese); 偷窺孔; 窥视孔 (Chinese); 엿보기구멍 (Korean); A Peep Hole (English); Heimliche Blicke (German); NO-ZO-KI-A-NA; Nozokiana; Peeping Hole; Lỗ Nhìn Trộm; Kẽ Hở (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV)
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  • Rating: 4.5

Nozoki Ana loves of artwork pupil Tatsuhiko Kido and follows the life. He finds a hole-in-the-wall of his flat through which he’s a view of the neighboring flat after relocating to Tokyo to to go to art-school. He sees his lovely neighbor, Emiru Ikuno, masturbating, when he looks through it. She allows him in to the flat, when he goes across the street to inform her about the hole. Sadly for him, he falls, trips, and eventually ends up up on the very top of her. An image of these snaps in this difficult position and insists that she’ll just erase the image if he enables her and leaves the hole. But she is not selfish – he might peep on on her behalf also. This starts an existence of each of them of them “peeping” on each other. The remaining narrative follows Kido through his regular life and his sexual associations while he makes do with being equally peeped on and motivated to peep on his neighbour. Finally giving in to temptation, Kido peeps on Emiru seeing her masturbating and falls into several traps set by Emiru who records him kissing her and sucking on her boobs. Later in the narrative Kido, even although Emiru attempts to prevent him, realizes that Kotobiki Yuri, his girl friend, is utilizing her other boy friend who will not care what she does to be cheated on by him. This prompts Kido to stop their relationship. Seduce him and Yuri afterwards attempts to make up with Kido, stating she really wants to be with him rather than her other boy friend, but is declined. With Kido believing that Emiru is concealing another side to her, the narrative continues. When Emiru lies about adoring him, Kido and another woman, Madoka Watari, who looks perfect for him finally date. She’s initially incredibly unwilling to get rid of her virginity but finally relents and they begin dating. As time passes Kido understands that he’s emotions for Emiru and he breaks up with Madoka. He seeks Emiru’s buddy, Maki, who tells him the reason Emiru has become what she’s out. In spite of this disclosure, he continues to adore her. They connect the night before their commencement, but another day Emiru leaves Kido prior to the commencement ceremony however he makes one final rule within their peeping sport which was to have finished using their commencement: before continuing, he’ll wait on her for 12 months. A year after commencement he returns from a class reunion to discover that she’s came back and they eventually get to be the few these were were destined to be.

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