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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Alternative: ワンパンマン (Japanese); 一拳超人 (Chinese); ВанПанчМен (Russian); One Punch Man; One-Punch Man; Onepunchman; رجل اللكمة الواحدة (Arabic)
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  • Rating: 4.8

A story about a guy who has a superpower and with which he saves the world from the invasion of monsters, aliens and all sorts of rabble in the form of all kinds of freaks.

It would be nothing, like a familiar story, but no. It turns out that the guy suffers from the fact that he can not feel either the joy of victory, or the bitterness of defeat, or tension during a fight or even the most ordinary fear, as all the above-listed plunderers of socialist property to him one blow.

It’s like playing a game by hacking it before and immediately making the character the hundredth level. So the kid has had enough of it all and he just goes through life hoping to find a strong opponent. Will he succeed, will he find the meaning of his existence?

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