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  • Alternative: アンダルシアの恋人 ; Andalucia no Koibito ; Andalusian Lover
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From ShoujoMagic: Story 1: Andalusian Lover. Hikaru was engaged to a man who had a great personality, a handsome face, and an annual income of ten million yen. Anyone would've envied her. So who is this new man she wants so badly that she ditched her fiancé? "Andalusian Lover" is an inconceivable tale of love revolving around the ultimate greedy woman! Story 2: Love Fool. Saeki Noa met a girl on a boring group date. Noa is a hot hunk but this girl after their first date thinks he is a jerk and wants to make him fall for her and dump him...but...

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Vol.1 Chapter 5

Yasunaga Kei


Vol.1 Chapter 4

Yasunaga Kei


Vol.1 Chapter 3

Yasunaga Kei


Vol.1 Chapter 2

Yasunaga Kei


Vol.1 Chapter 1

Yasunaga Kei