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  • Alternative: Itoshi no Dutchoven Girl
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Kazuki Suwa is a first-year high school student. Every day after school, he goes home and plays video games. His Mother does not approve and asks him to choose a club in high school. But Kazuki does not really have any skills or talents. But then he meets Nanako Kunii, the club president and only member of Research Dutchoven Club, a club where Nanako focuses its research on the use of Dutchoven.

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Chapter 5 : Uncharted - The Treasure Of El Dorado

Fujisawa Tohru


Chapter 4 : Nanako & The Yokosuka Bros

Fujisawa Tohru


Chapter 3

Fujisawa Tohru


Chapter 2 : Picnic Under The Blue Sky

Fujisawa Tohru


Chapter 1

Fujisawa Tohru