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Alien Lifeforms took refuge on Earth to start their lives anew, however these beings don’t seek cohabitation, they want to phase humanity out; Clans of Aliens prey on human flesh and spiritual energy and can implant their essence on human females to bear their children. Benimaru is one of these offsprings, however his mother was a Medium, she could manipulate Benimaru’s spirit while he was inside her, she managed to give him a human heart, and for this she was brutaly killed and devoured by Benimaru’s “father”. From there on Benimaru swore to exterminate these Clans, half-human and half-alien, one man wages war against an entire race!

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Chapter 4

Usune Masatoshi


Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Brainwashing

Usune Masatoshi


Vol.1 Chapter 2 : 300Km Crash

Usune Masatoshi


Vol.1 Chapter 1

Usune Masatoshi