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  • Status: status.Ongoing
  • Alternative: 芸大生 八坂京也の数奇な冒険 ; The Unfortunate Adventure of The Fine Arts' Student Yasaka Kyouya
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  • Rating: 4.9
From MangaHelpers: Yasaka Kyoya just recently moved from Tokyo to Kyoto when he became a freshman in one of the fine arts colleges in Kyoto city, though college was only one of the reasons why he moved to Kyoto. His main objective was to get rid of his innate ability to see spirits and ghosts. He hoped that, by living in the city of the old gods and temples, he could find a cure to his annoying ability. While working at his part time job, he literally runs into a girl who mistakes him as her long-lost older brother. Running into this girl is the start of a supernatural journey that Kyoya never really wanted. [DrCoke]

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Chapter 4

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