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  • Status: status.Ongoing
  • Alternative: 強引作家と負け犬の初恋 ; 爱出风头的作家和失败者的初恋
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  • Rating: 4.8
From Crownprince Translations: Out of orders from his office, young model Nanami Jun becomes an assistant of a doujin artist! The said doujin artist turns out to be none other than the supermodel whom Jun had greatly admired from a while back, Kase Yuutai. Before long, he is immersed in joy, and even as he is messed around with and has to dress up erotically after references in doujinshi, he still wishes to love Kase! It is the love of an ore-sama ero doujin artist and an egoistic model. This is a new doujin series where all characters appear.

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Vol.1 Chapter 5

Nekono Mariko


Vol.1 Chapter 4

Nekono Mariko


Vol.1 Chapter 3

Nekono Mariko


Vol.1 Chapter 2

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Vol.1 Chapter 1

Nekono Mariko