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  • Alternative: 保健室まで何m? ; 保健室的秘密 (麻生海) ; How Many Meters To The Health Room?
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From Blissful Sin: 1-2) In High School they had an indecent relationship. Now eight years later, at the school where Takebayashi is a teacher, that same Ono has come to be the school nurse. Smelling like an old man, sweet pick-up lines, totally aloof and bantering Ono. Takebayashi sighs. He gets angry, fights, and is surprised later... to find himself in Ono’s arms? 3) Ryouhey accidentally meets on the street with Naoyuki, his former neighbor friend who been nearly abandoned by its mother. It been some years since they seen each other, but how they will feel now? 4) Continuation Ryouhey x Naoyuki story 5) As it is: Tsuji is crying again because a broken heart when suddenly Aizawa, his best friend, kisses him. (Prequel to doujin Sono Mama de) 6) Has spin-off short story Tonari no Oniisan.

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Vol.1 Chapter 6 : End

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Vol.1 Chapter 5

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Vol.1 Chapter 4

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Vol.1 Chapter 3

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Vol.1 Chapter 2

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Vol.1 Chapter 1

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