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  • Status: status.Ongoing
  • Alternative: ヒューマン システム ; 人造系统 ; 赤い糸 (HIBIKI Wataru) ; Akai Ito (HIBIKI Wataru) ; Red Thread (HIBIKI Wataru)
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  • Rating: 4.8
From Starry Heaven: "Exactly, what am I?" A human-made robot that is used for battles meets a blind girl, Lilina, while running away. He is slowly captivated by Lilina as she doesn't see him as a robot, but suddenly someone who targets the both of them appears...?! Moreover, Lilina also has a secret of her own...?! Also included, Desert fantasy of a king and a dancer girl, Moonlight Romance. A forbidden love between an elder sister and a younger brother, Red thread's 2nd compilation.

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Chapter 1 : Oneshot

Hibiki Wataru