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  • Alternative: 恋のはじめ ; 恋爱的开始
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From Yaoi Is Life: The recent newcomer at Naitou's work is none other than Tsutsui, who despite being a University student, is also the son of a famous rich man. Naitou realized how different their common knowledge was as he saw Tsutsui struggling with cleaning material, and greeting the customers as if it was a high-class store. However, against all odds, he embraced the good impression that the hard-working, serious Tsutsui had left on him. Even so, as Tsutsui tried treating Naitou to dinner and offering him things to become his friend, circumstances caused a mood of servility to sprout between them. Also included, the love story of Tsutsui's butler, Fujiki.

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Chapter 5.5 : End

Kato Setsuko


Chapter 4

Kato Setsuko


Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Budding Love - First Part

Kato Setsuko


Vol.1 Chapter 2 : Continued Love

Kato Setsuko


Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Blooming Love

Kato Setsuko