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  • Status: status.Ongoing
  • Alternative: 拘束プログラム ; 束縛計畫 ; 绑住你的程式 ; Kōsoku Program ; Kōsoku Puroguramu ; Kousoku Puroguramu ; Restraint Program ; Restraint-Program
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  • Rating: 4.8
Haruma is a good looking son from a rich family, but he wants to live his life on his own without any help from his family's money. However, his mother hires a cheeky bodyguard to watch him 24/7 and things get out of control. His bodyguard Kurehashi, Shouyou is smart, good looking and knows several things that Haruma doesn't. Kurehashi vows to protect Haruma and to teach him what it takes to live in the real world, even if that means stealing Haruma's first kiss! Description by LuffyNoTomo

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Chapter 1

Koujima Naduki