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  • Alternative: Dangerous Health Room ; Full Moon Awakening ; His Body Temperature, Her Long Sigh ; Hyoutenka no Maria ; S no Junjou M no Yuuwaku ; Любовь и Секс
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1. Midara na Senritsu Hiwai na Yubisaki (Lewd Melody Obscene Fingers) by SHINJO MayuYurika has grown so used to doing what others tell her to do that she never realized she was like a caged bird. She accepted it as a matter of course when arrangements were made for her to get engaged to Satoshi, her controlling piano teacher. That is until piano genius and fringe element Hibiki teaches Yurika how to put emotion in her music--how to fly from her cage--among other less innocent things...(Also included in Motto Oshiete)2. Hyoutenka no Maria by MINAMI KananA story about a girl named Miona who saved the drunken university student Rikuya from freezing to death. To thank her, he takes her to an amusement park... they get along very well and Miona kinda fell in love with him. Next day she sees on tv that a female student from the same university as Rikuya was stabbed... and she begins to think that it was him...3. Abunai Houkenshitsu (Dangerous Health Room) by AYUKAWA MioFujimori-sensei has a secret that involves the health room. Could he be meeting someone there...!?4. S no Junjou M no Yuuwaku by KOUSAKA YuukaYuu is in love with Makoto, only to find out that her mother is engaged to Makoto's father. Now she must live with Makoto, and his equally handsome twin brother.5. Kare no Taion Kanojo no Toiki (His Body Temperature Her Long Sigh) by ASAMI MiyabiYukina is on the same committee as Narimiya. She notices the cologne that he is wearing and stares at him sadly. Could the fragrance be the cause...!?**Also included in [m]Kedamono Shounen Shoujo[/m]6. Kakusei Full Moon (Full Moon Awakening) by YUUHI RyuuYuzuki and Takara are childhood friends and so close that people consider Takara to be Yuzuki's girlfriend. But it's all in good fun--because Yuzuki is eighteen and Takara is only thirteen. Now that Takara's body is maturing, though, the joke isn't as easy to brush off as it once was...especially with a full moon pulling Yuzuki's desires to the surface.7. Tomodachi Ijou x H Miman (More than Friends, Not Up to Sex) by USAMI TaeMaking a confession is the most difficult part in a love relationship. Follow Miku in her way of saying "I LOVE YOU TEPPEI".

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Vol.1 Chapter 2 : Hyoutenka No Maria

Shinjo Mayu,Minami Kanan,Ayukawa Mio,Kousaka Yuuka,Asami Miyabi,Yuuhi Ryuu,Usami Tae


Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Lewd Melody Obscene Fingers

Shinjo Mayu,Minami Kanan,Ayukawa Mio,Kousaka Yuuka,Asami Miyabi,Yuuhi Ryuu,Usami Tae