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[From Shoujo Magic]: Story 01 - Lovers Flowers: “If a couple kisses during the fireworks festival, they will be together forever.” In order to make the miraculous legend come true, Hayuri decides to confess. He is Basketball’s Captain, Hara-sempai. When she goes to see him, holding her letter, the guy who comes out is Basketball member, Konohana, Hayuri’s classmate. With Konohana’s idea, Hayuri becomes the club’s manager. But she gets introduced as Konohana’s girlfriend!? This volume also contains 3 other stories: 2) Go Burst Girl!: Aki once beated her beloved friend Yousuke (who she likes), in Karate! Now he says he doesn't have anything to do with that, so he acts randomly. She feels regretful. Trouble appears, and the kendo's captain wants to go out with her...?! What will happen?! 3) FAKE!!: 4) Anisaki Yuna’s Self Diary at the Asian Tour.

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Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Anisaki Yuna??S Self Diary At The Asian

Anisaki Yuna


Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Fake!!

Anisaki Yuna


Vol.1 Chapter 2 : Go Burst Girl!

Anisaki Yuna


Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Lovers Flowers

Anisaki Yuna