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  • Alternative: ねじ式 ; 外のふくらみ ; Chico ; Marsh ; Mushroom Hunting ; Oba's Electroplate Factory ; Screw-Style ; The Outside Inflation ; Wind-Up Type
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Collection of short stories including: • Nejishiki A man gets bitten on the arm by a jelly fish on a village beach foreign to him. He sets off desperately searching for a doctor who can heal his bleeding veins... Tsuge's 3rd-only English translated work, a sensational and controversial piece that stunned American audiences when published in issue #250 of The Comics Journal. One of Tsuge's "dream stories". • Numa (Marsh) A man meets a strange woman while hunting in a marsh. • Chico A couple takes care of a java sparrow. • Hatsutake Gari (Mushroom Hunting) Rain mysteriously falls around a particular place where a boy and his grandfather plan on going mushroom hunting the next morning... • Sanshouuo (Salamander) • Touge no Inu • Uwasa no Bushi • Ondoru Koya (Ondoru House) • Gensenkan Shujin (Master of the Gensenkan Inn) • Chouhachi no Yado • Oba Denki Tokin Kogyosho (Oba's Electroplate Factory) • Yoshiboo no Hanzai • Shounen • Aru Mumei Sakka It DOES NOT contain this story: • Soto no Fukurami (The Outside Inflation) The outside inexplicably threatens to collapse a man's house, leading him out to a world of anxiety and oddness in this minimalist story.

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Vol.1 Chapter 11 : Daiba Electroplating Company

Tsuge Yoshiharu


Vol.1 Chapter 6 : The Dog Of The Mountain Pass

Tsuge Yoshiharu


Vol.1 Chapter 5 : Salamander

Tsuge Yoshiharu


Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Mushroom Hunting

Tsuge Yoshiharu


Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Chico

Tsuge Yoshiharu


Vol.1 Chapter 2 : Marsh

Tsuge Yoshiharu