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  • Alternative: ランペイジ ; 三国乱舞 ; Ranpeiji
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China: 184 A.D., a time of great turmoil. A young drifter named Zhang Fei stumbles upon a slaughtered village and encounters the volunteer army of Liu Bei. He joins them in time to help in the defense of a walled city. But later, while attempting to save the life of a little girl, he's struck by an arrow and thrown off a cliff. Rescued by two wizards, he is revived and given great powers. But the price could cost him his very soul! Note: the series appeared in Kodansha's defunct Young Magazine Uppers, continued in Flex Comix Blood and then transferred to Flex Comix Next.

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Vol.2 Chapter 9

Yoshinaga Yunosuke


Vol.2 Chapter 8

Yoshinaga Yunosuke


Vol.2 Chapter 7

Yoshinaga Yunosuke


Vol.2 Chapter 6

Yoshinaga Yunosuke