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Okuzumi is a plain salary man but he’s very skillful in cooking to the point that “he can become a wife anytime”. Souya is his young kouhai in the same company who works in the secretarial department. He’s not only good-looking but also capable, but suddenly he came insisting Okuzumi to teach him how to cook. Being stared at with his beautiful eyes with a mole underneath, he can’t refuse even if he wants to. As he continued teaching him, Okuzumi came to know that Souya is a very honest disciple… However, Souya has no sense of taste. Even so, seeing him working hard like that makes Okuzumi attracted to him. But when he suddenly puts his face close to Okuzumi when cooking… And then he says “You make a certain someone, want to make you his bride”…A Plain salary man with his way of teaching his handsome junior colleague♡

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Vol.1 Chapter 1

Fuduki Atsuyo