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  • Alternative: さよなら僕のプリンセスロリイタ ; 再见我的公主小罗莉 ; Goodbye, My Princess Lolita ; Sayonara Boku no Princess Roriita
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From Ikemen Scans & Yaoi Is Life: "Disgusting, not even cute." I hurt my little brother, a popular cross-dressing model, with heartless words. But none of them are true. Our parents remarried when we were little, and Yuki became my step brother. He's so cute and very, dearly important to me, but somehow my feelings changed into something they shouldn’t have. It's painful to be around him, but Yuki, who's grown up to be so handsome, keeps coming to me even when I give him the cold shoulder…

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Vol.1 Chapter 6 : In The Palm Of Your Hands - 2 [End]

Konjiki Runa


Vol.1 Chapter 5 : In The Palm Of Your Hands - 1

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Vol.1 Chapter 4

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Vol.1 Chapter 3

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Vol.1 Chapter 2

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Vol.1 Chapter 1

Konjiki Runa