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  • Alternative: 砂の栄冠 ; Laurels of Sand
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  • Rating: 4.6
Nanashima's high school baseball team missed going to the Koshien by one heartbreaking game during his 2nd year in school. Now as a 3rd year and the team captain, he sees that the team is nothing compared to last year. The all star starters from last year have graduated and Nanashima is left with unskilled and, more importantly, unmotivated players that have no shot at making the Koshien. That is when Toku-san, an old man in the neighborhood who has watched every practice and every game the school has ever played for the past few decades, secretly entrusts Nanashima with 1.000.000 yen. Toku-san wants Nanashima to use the money however he wants to ensure the team makes it to the Koshien. But that large of an untraceable fund is too big of a responsibility for a high school teenager and even a goodhearted kid like Nanashima might fall into its temptation.

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Vol.2 Chapter 9: To Koshien

Mita Norifusa


Vol.1 Chapter 8: Turning Point

Mita Norifusa


Vol.1 Chapter 7: Our First Match

Mita Norifusa


Vol.1 Chapter 6: Promise To Toku-san

Mita Norifusa


Vol.1 Chapter 5: After The Sobbing

Mita Norifusa


Vol.1 Chapter 4: Toku-san's 10 Million Yen

Mita Norifusa


Vol.1 Chapter 3: The Start Of The 101st Year

Mita Norifusa


Vol.1 Chapter 2: Result Of 100 Years

Mita Norifusa


Vol.1 Chapter 1 : The 100-Year Dream

Mita Norifusa