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  • Alternative: 天然系王子 ; 天然系☆王子 ; Natural Prince ; Natural Type Prince ; Ten'nen-kei Ouji
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From Serenus Dreamers: Aoi - a girl who lives in a household of seven. Her current status? Poor. Masafumi, dubbed the Prince of School, lives in a mansion with a household of mostly servants and his grandparents. His current status? Rich. When Masafumi decides to throw away 40 cents which Aoi could have used, she's enraged at his action of discarding the valuable amount, and vows to never forgive him! But, what happens when fate brings Aoi to the Prince's door, in place of her mother, who is injured? Revenge? Schooling in the antics of the poor? Extra: That is Why we Dream - Nakahara has a habit of setting things on fire, she coops herself up in the art room and never smiles..she is also a young and famous artist. While setting fire to another object, she meets a boy, who is a young and famous basketball player...why does he give her so much attention when everyone else shuns her? and why does she seem so sad while painting?

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Vol.1 Chapter 5 : Extra Story: Natural Type Prince

Fujisawa Shizuki


Vol.1 Chapter 4

Fujisawa Shizuki


Vol.1 Chapter 3

Fujisawa Shizuki


Vol.1 Chapter 2

Fujisawa Shizuki


Vol.1 Chapter 1

Fujisawa Shizuki