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  • Alternative: ワイルドキングダム ; ワイルド★キングダム ; 野蠻王國 ; Wild Kingdom
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Many different anthropomorphic predator and prey species are intermingling in a fantastical African savanna society! It is a strictly structured society with many rules, such as those governing when and where a predator is allowed to hunt their prey. One lion, Leon, does not quite fit into the role nature has chosen for him. He doesn't grow his mane out, and, despite his physical strength, he shows no real interest in establishing territory and acquiring a harem of lionesses. But the most abnormal quirk of all is that Leon is a vegetarian lion! His tiger companion (who has a bit of a crush on him), is firmly of the opinion that herbivores exist to be eaten, but she manages to mostly put up with his vegetarianism. One day, the two of them rescue a frightened gazelle, freshly arrived from the capital. The tiger is less than thrilled to have a pretty female food-animal hanging around with them, but the jackals who are tracking the gazelle seem to have some kind of business with Leon as well...

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Vol.1 Chapter 5

Manabe Jouji