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16th century Japan The harshness of Takezo Shimmen, a young guy, is obvious in both his looks and his behavior. He and his companion Matahachi Hongiden left the country in quest of something more fulfilling than a life in the countryside since his violent behavior had produced widespread animosity and terror in their hometown village. The pals enlist in Toyotomi’s army in search of glory. But the buddies barely make it out when Toyotomi suffers a catastrophic loss at the hands of the Tokugawa clan at the Battle of Sekigahara.

Shimmen goes back to the hamlet to let his friend’s family know that he is still alive after the pals are split apart. He is held accountable for Matahachi’s purported demise instead. He is left to die after being chained to a tree. He is released covertly by the travelling monk Soho Takuan, who also gives him a new name, Musashi Miyamoto.
Based on the historical book The Ten Swordsmen by Eiji Yoshikawa, this is one of the most vivid tales about the life of one of Japan’s most illustrious swordsmen. A humble swordsman who eventually learns the value of close friends and life itself embarks on a mission to become a great fighter.

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